Why Would I Swab My Hog?

Large, trophy-size bass drive recreational and tournament anglers, young and old, igniting a lifelong passion for the sport.  But what makes for an exceptional bass?

Genetics plays a big role (alongside a productive environment).  Bass in Alabama lakes have a mixed ancestry from Northern largemouth bass and Florida bass.  In addition, stocking of pure Florida bass in some lakes has shifted those populations towards a higher Florida genetic composition associated with bigger, longer-living bass.

We want to understand the genetics of large (>4 lbs) largemouth bass.  These fish are often few and far between in standardized sampling conducted by ADCNR.  In order to sample their genetics, we need your help!

With the information gained through this research, we can make better stocking and management decisions that will enhance the bass fishery and benefit anglers for years to come.

swabbing picture

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